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Classic MST3K

By M Davies   /     Feb 02, 2008  /     TV Rants  /     2 Comments

I can’t stop thinking about MST3K after posting my last blog entry.  So I found this (below) on youtube.  This episode is by far one of my favorite episdoes of MST3k.  "Pod People".  I named my dog after "Trumpy" the monster in the movie!!  Because…TRUMPY CAN DO STUPID THINGS.  My dog is the definition of doing stupid things.  At any rate, this episode and several other episodes are available for viewing on Youtube.  Since videos can only be 10 minutes in length on youtube, they are broken up into several parts.  This is just part one of "Pod People"….once you view it, you will see the links for the other parts on the side or in the movie window.  Enjoy!

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MST3K has been reincarnated

By M Davies   /     Feb 02, 2008  /     TV Rants  /     2 Comments

Don’t ask me how or why, but a few weeks ago, my husband found out that Joel Hogsdon creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and former host) has a new venture called "Cinematic Titanic".  For those of you who have seen MST3K, "Cinematic Titanic" is essentially the same concept — Making fun of B-Rated movies, except with one noticeable difference.  Instead of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, there are humans poking fun at the movie.  5 of them to be exact: 

Joel Hodgson
Trace Beaulieu
Frank Conniff
Mary Jo Pehl
J. Elvis Weinstein

You may recognize their voices from the original MST3k.  Joel, was the original host of the show, before escaping the Satellite of Love.  Mike Nelson then was sent up to space as Joel’s replacement,  Trace was the voice of Crow T Robot and also played Dr. Forrester.  Frank Conniff was cast as TV’s Frank…Dr. Forrester’s dimwitted sidekick.  Mary Jo, took over the Mad Scientist role after Trace/Dr. Forrester left the show.  She played "Pearl Forrester", Dr. Forrester’s mother.  J. Elvis (also known as Josh) was best known as the voice for the Tom Servo robot (…my personal favorite, btw).    How do I know this all?  Wikipedia, my friends….wikipedia. 

Hubby and I checked out their first DVD (a bargain at only $15.94 USD) and it was hilarious.  It brought me back to weekend mornings of watching MST3k on Comedy Central and Sci-Fi.  I definately recommend this to any old skool MST3Ker’s out there.  Check it out, and let any of your friends/family that used to enjoy MST3k know about this new venture as well.  They will thank you ten times over by way of their sidesplitting laughter. 

Here’s the "Official" website for Cinematic Titanic:  http://cinematictitanic.com/wpmu/index.php (opens in new window)  You can read up about new updates, and the concept of Cinematic Titanic. 

Check out this trailer they have posted on Youtube: 

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