A few months late, and 10 dollars short.

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A few months late, and 10 dollars short.

By M Davies   /     Dec 08, 2007  /     Annoyances, Rejection  /  

I got a bill from Owen’s ENT doctor on Thursday for 10 dollars.  At first I was panicking because I thought maybe it was a co-insurance bill or something — when we were on our old insurance, we’d always get bills after the fact because of the co-insurance bullshit.  They would always be ridiculous amounts of money.  2.80, 5.50, etc etc.  Is it so urgent that I have to pay the amount right now, or can’t it just wait until the next time I’m in the office?  I always loved the ones that were for a few cents.  Way to waste a 41 cent stamp!  It cost more to mail the damn bill than the amount they are collecting.  But, if you didn’t pay that bill, the office would hound you about that couple dollar balance until it was paid off.  I read through the entire bill only to see that it was my co-payment for the last office visit.  I remember going to the appointment in OCTOBER, and they never asked me for payment, so I just left the office not thinking anything of it.  Apparently, they are just remembering in December (2 months later) that they never collected their 10 dollar co-payment?  Wtf?  Who is in charge of that office.  Shouldn’t someone have just asked me to pay before I left?  We would have avoided this whole mess.  Anyway, I called them and paid the balance over the phone with a credit card.  That’s one less bill I have to mail.  

Shortly after I called to pay that, I got a call from a place** I had a job interview with in September.  It was the first week of September to be specific.  They wanted to thank me for my patience throughout the whole process, but they picked another candidate.  Another rejection.  Terrific.  Then I thought about it….I interviewed in September — its December.  It took them 3 months to fill the job?  Maybe I’m better off not getting that job if there is that much red tape there.  So I’m back to square one again on the job front.  I still have 2 jobs that I interviewed for that I’ve not heard back on.  I’m not holding my breath in regards to those.  I also just applied for another job on Monster that is almost exactly like what I used to do, and there are 2 more potentially that I’m going to try to apply for.  Additionally, I have another lead through a previous co-worker, which I don’t really want to discuss in detail because of certain events that happened over the last two months.  It has shown that certain people I know that I used to trust cannot be trusted anymore.  I wish I could be more specific, but I don’t want to jeopardize anything on the job front.  All I can say is….Karma.  It will get you every time.  Just ask Earl Hickey (from “My Name Is Earl”  /obscure?).  

Anyway, I’m a big fat failure who is unemployed and 10 dollars poorer now after Thursday.  I just want to lock myself in a room and cry myself to sleep.  

**Names not mentioned to keep everything anonymous.  

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  1. stephanie Says: December 10, 2007 11:08 pm

    Don’ t be sad. If it makes you feel better, I’m a big fat failure who is employed and I feel like crying all the time because my job sucks.

    And insurance fucking sucks. I hate insurance. I just got a stupid bill from my doctor’s office and when I called them they were like, oh, disregard that. Really? What if I had paid it? What if I was dumb and just paid it without checking? The Man is after us all.

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