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Suck it Dell, Windows Vista

By M Davies   /     Nov 25, 2007  /     Technology Hates Me  /     1 Comment

For whatever reason (pick one:  insanity, drunkeness, mild retardation, whatever) I decided to format my laptop sometime in the summer months and make a go of it with Windows Vista.  I previously was running Windows XP Home edition.  I was running XP Home edition instead of XP Pro because I was too lazy to format the laptop when it finally did arrive from Dell (late 2005/early 2006).  During the summer the craptop, as I so lovingly refer to it, was having major slowness issues.  I did about every virus and spyware scan on it that I could think of, and each time the scan would come back clean.  I came to the conclusion that it needed a good format to fix its issues.  I could have just as easily formatted and went to XP Pro, like I wanted to initally (but was too lazy to do), but nooooooooooooooooooooooo.  I had to be all about upgrading to the latest and greatest OS.

BTW, take the words latest and greatest with a grain of salt.  If I could describe Windows Vista in two words they would be “down” and “grade”.

Vista has a pretty facade, but that’s about it.  Its just a prettified version of Windows XP.  I really haven’t found any particularly useful features about it.  The task bars, menus, and control panels are setup differently.  Why?  I don’t know.  It takes twice as long for me to find what I’m looking for.  I looked for about 20 minutes this morning through various menus to adjust the size of my icons on the desktop.  Oh, but its not in the display menu or personalize menu as you’d think.  NO no.  You have to right click on the desktop and then View -> Classic Icons.  What.  The.  Fuck.  Seriously.  Is Microsoft trying to make me go insane? 

Reading the above, you should know that I did do technical support for 4 or so years for an decent sized ISP in Pennsylvania.  I have supported the following OS’s:  Mac OS 7.5.1.-OS X, Windows 3.11 thru Windows XP.  The fancier OS’s came out after I was promoted to another department.  I am not an idiot, this OS just plain sucks bad.  If I had to pick, the worst OS we had to support was by far Windows ME (Millenium).  I’m guessing Tech Support departments all over the world have a brand new hatred for Windows Vista. 

Anyway, I’ve gotten off course.  The point of this blog was that I finally reached my breaking point with the craptop this morning.  Rich and I have been throwing around the idea of getting a MacBook for me because its versatile and can run Windows and Windows applications, and can do everything this craptop can do, but looks better and isn’t a piece of crap.  I don’t really like the idea of spending 1200 dollars on a laptop though.  I’ve been having a variety of issues with the laptop before the Windows Vista fuckage even come into play.  First of all, since I’ve started using this laptop, the spacebar sticks.  I could be typing and not looking and then all of the sudden I look up at the screen and half of the line I just typedlookslikethis.  The battery life sucks.  With my old battery (the OEM battery) I got about an hour of use while unplugged.  I should have been getting like 2 or 3.  Rich bought me a new battery off of ebay that gets 5 hours of life, so I’ve been using that.  My left mouse button broke.  It is permanently depressed.  I’ve tried prying it up, but its stuck down.  Luckily it still works, but it just pisses me off that I’ve paid so much money and and am having this problem.  Also, one last thing — the hinge between my screen and keyboard needs to be tightened.  If you were to move my laptop, the screen wobbles back and forth.  I got into a chatroom with Dell Support today to see if I could get these issues resolved.  We had purchased an extended 2 year warranty on the craptop, so I didn’t think it would be an issue.  First of all, they refuse to fix the hinge, because “it can be tightened by adjusting 2 screws on the bottom”.  I still haven’t located these screws.  I guess I’ll have to take the battery out and check there.  They opened a call tag for the depressed mouse button issue.  Maybe if they give it some zoloft it will pop back up to its normal self.  I’m going to have to send the damn thing back to the Service Depot for 5-8 days to get that fixed.  Then the woman refused to have them fix the keyboard-spacebar sticking issue at the Service Depot because “it is labeled as a customer replacable part”.  Meaning, she was going to send me a keyboard and have me try to replace it.  I am sure Rich and I could have figured it out ourselves, but what the fuck am I paying for a warranty if I have to fix the damn thing myself.  Finally after about 20 minutes of going back and forth, she agreed to put an exception on my case and have them try to fix the mouse and the keyboard in one shot at the Service Depot.  It may or may not come back with the keyboard fixed.  If it doesn’t, I have to get back in touch with Dell Support to get a replacement keyboard shipped to me. 

Totally horrible support = Dell

So anyway.  I’m done.  I’m fed up with these shenanigans.  I’m going to be ordering a Black Macbook in the next week.  Hopefully it will get here before I have to send this one to Dell.  Michelle w/out PC is not a good thing, kids.  Besides, I think I deserve one little splurge with my severance check.  Especially with the amount of frustration this POS causes me on a daily basis.  Once the laptop is fixed I am formatting it and selling it.

Out with the Craptop and in with the Mactop.

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God bless instant messaging.

By M Davies   /     Nov 25, 2007  /     Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

If it wasn’t for AIM, I wouldn’t get messages like this:

WordMastaFlex (9:49:33 PM): injury?

WordMastaFlex (9:49:34 PM): call dlp

WordMastaFlex (9:49:36 PM): injury

WordMastaFlex (9:49:37 PM): call dlp

WordMastaFlex (9:49:39 PM): injury?

WordMastaFlex (9:49:40 PM): call dlp

WordMastaFlex (9:49:43 PM): injury?

(its a NEPA thing…)

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You’re going to need to be more specific

By M Davies   /     Nov 23, 2007  /     Mommyhood  /     1 Comment

My daughter:  “There’s something not right with me.  There’s something not right with me.  There’s something not right with me.”  (She repeats everything about 50 times)

Me:  “Huh?  What?  What’s the matter?” 

My daughter:  “There’s something not right with me.  There’s something not right with me.  There’s something not right with me.”

This goes on back and forth for like 5 minutes until I smell something eminating from her diaper STINKING up the entire living room. 

Yeah, there is definately something not right about that.

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Seriously. Ow.

By M Davies   /     Nov 23, 2007  /     Uncategorized  /     1 Comment

I just returned from Black Friday shopping and I’m beat.  My feet hurt, my back hurts and I’m tired.  I will probably take a nap in an hour at the same time the kids go.  I was up at 3am this morning.  I went to bed at 11.  11-12-1-2-3.  That’s five.  Five whole hours of sleep last night.  I can count that on one hand (or one foot, if you prefer).

After waking up at 3, I took 20 minutes and got dressed an put makeup on.  No time for a shower, even though it would have felt good.  I made coffee, which Rich ground up and left in the coffee press.  THANK GOD FOR THAT.  I got in my car and left around 3:30.  At least I think it was 3:30.  My car’s clock is an hour behind from the time change, and in addition is 20 minutes slow.  I got halfway down South Main Street and realized I left money on the table in the kitchen.  I drove back home, got my money, and my camera and took off again.  It was pitch black outside at this point. 

I got to my grandparents around 4am, and my Mom and brother were in the car waiting for me.  Taking 1 vehicle would be a good idea in theory, except Rich is on call this weekend and has to work from home today.  I had to make sure I was back home by noon.  My brother hopped in the jeep with me and my mom drove her car to my aunt’s house and picked her up.  At this point we drive to Wal-Mart.  I was kind of pissed because I was hoping to get some pictures of the lines, but Wally World in W-Barre is open 24X7.  They let you in the store, but the Black Friday deals are not rolled out until 5 am.  There was a camera on sale for 79 dollars.  I wanted it.  [Techy Rant:  I really have no idea how this camera’s picture quality is going to be – the zoom sucks compared to our Kodak DX — only 3x optical as opposed to the 10x optical, but the Kodak is only 4.1 megapixel, this new Sony is 7.2.  I’m trading zoom quality for picture quality.  The Sony also comes with image stabilization technnology…our Kodak doesn’t have that.  I’m not sure if I plan to keep this or maybe I’ll flip it on Ebay.  Who knows.  I really want to keep it for myself though.  End Techy Rant.]   I stood in line from approximately 4:25 am until 5:00 am to get this damn camera.  There was pushing, there was shoving, A lot of name calling, and nearly a fist fight.  I got a camera though.  My mom, brother and aunt went to search out some 50 dollar portable DVD player (sorry no link, can’t find it on the website) and I lost track of where they wandered off to.  After I got the camera, I went to look for them for literally a half hour, they were no where to be found.  Anywhere.  In the entire store.  I ended up getting a pack of diapers and a My Little Pony for Gabby and a pack of Matchbox cars for Owen and paying for them.  I took the whole lot of stuff out to my car.  I knew my mom/aunt/bro were still there because we had parked next to each other.  I went back inside and wandered a bit more and found them.  They were paying for some dishes they got for my grandmother.  The Portable DVD players never came in for the Black Friday sale…so my aunt did not get one.  She just called here as I was writing this – she’s looking to head up to the Pittston Walmart to see if they have any of those DVD Players there. 

At that point, it was time to go to Target.  I thought Wal-Mart was bad.  Of course, that was before I seen the Target parking lot.  There were literally no parking spaces anywhere.  People were parked all of the way down by Babies R Us.  I ended up finally getting a parking space behind Petco near a dumpster.  I parallel parked perfectly and prayed that I wouldn’t get towed (I didn’t…thank god).  We wasted a good 20 minutes of time driving around the parking lot looking for a space to park.  We walk over to Target and WBRE was there doing a shot about the Black Friday Frenzy.  I waved in the camera and my brother SCREAMS (AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS) “WYOU IS MY FAVORITE CHANNEL”.  I’m thinking he probably ruined the shot, unless they could edit it.  I would have taken a picture of that mess, but between the stress of looking for a spot and getting their late because of Wal-Mart’s BS with that DVD Player I was too late to take pictures of the line (which I’m sure stretched half way down the parking lot).  Anyway, we get there and try to find my Mom and Aunt.  Finally we tracked them down by the toys.  They bought some stuff for Gabby, Owen, Jeffrey and Emily then we proceeded to check out.  Yeah.  We had 5 to 7 items tops (none of which were mine, btw).  The end of the line for the check outs was in the electronics section (*ahem* 3 quarters of the length of the store).  Once again as we were checking out WBRE was there doing another shot, this time it was live (w/ Jeff Chirico).  I dared my brother to yell “penis” this time around, but he didn’t – we are a real mature breed.  When they were filming, we were at the check out right behind the camera.  God I don’t want to see myself on the news tonight. 

When we left Target, daylight was just starting to break…..(approximately 7:30am if I had to guess)

From there, we drove to Toys R Us.  I bought Owen an Elmo TMX (the newer one), and Gabby I bought the V-Tech Kid Digital Camera.  I spent enough to quality for a 10 dollar discount with a coupon my Mom had.  My Mom & Aunt also bought some things for Gabby, Owen, Jeffrey and Emily.  Not much to report there, most people were acting in a calm respectable manner (unlike the other 2 stores).  I did get a good deal, so that’s always a plus.

Russell and I hit a Burger King drive thru after that, I got another large coffee and bought him a breakfast sandwich.  We went into the Wyoming Valley Mall next – to JC Penneys.  We walked the hell out of that place.  My Mom got Russell some clothes, Owen an outfit, and an outfit for herself.  I don’t think my aunt got anything.  I bought an outfit for an upcoming Xmas party we are going to in DC for Rich’s company.  I hope the skirt doesn’t make me look *hippy*. 

I would have gone to more places, but it was noon and had to come home.  I stopped at Taco Bell for me around 11:30, then at Abes Hot Dogs for Rich & the kids.  I came home.  I collapsed on the couch from where I write this blog. 

I need to locate the heating pad.  And take a nap.

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To bake or not to bake?

By M Davies   /     Nov 21, 2007  /     Recipes  /     0 Comment

That is the question.  I want to bake cookies, but at the same time I want to take a nap.  What to do, what to do, what to do.

Here’s the recipe for the cookies, while I finish making up my mind:

Santa’s Snickers Brand Surprises


  • 2 sticks butter (softened)
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1 cup light brown sugar
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla
  • 3 ½ cups all purpose flour (sifted)
  • 1 tsp. Baking soda
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • 1 pkg. (13 oz) Snickers Brand Minatures


  1. Combine the butter, peanut butter and sugars using a mixer on a medium to low speed until light and fluffy.
  2. Slowly add eggs and vanilla until thoroughly combined.  Then mix in flour, salt and baking soda.
  3. Cover and chill dough for 2-3 hours
  4. Unwrap all the Snickers Brand Minatures
  5. Remove dough from refrigerator.  Divide into 1 tbls. pieces and flatten.
  6. Place a Snickers Minature in the center of each piece of dough.
  7. Form the dough into a ball around each Minature.
  8. Place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
  9. Let cookies cool on baking rack or wax paper.
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F*ing Squirrel

By M Davies   /     Nov 21, 2007  /     The Squirrel Bastard  /     1 Comment

This is what I saw when I left the house yesterday morning to take Gabrielle to daycare. 

You can’t really see it to well based on the picture, but when I looked into the flower pot, there was at least a 6-7 inch deep hole. 

Needless to say my day went down hill from that point.  I purchased a bottle of “Deer Off” spray repellent at Lowes yesterday and soaked all four of my plants out front.  (Despite the name — it works on creatures other than deer.) Then I had to sweep up the mess — in the pouring rain.  We’ll see how well this works.  All I am going to say is, for 18 dollars, it better fucking work.  So far, this morning there hasn’t been anything dug up….I’ll keep you posted.

Squirrels.  Kill them.  Kill them all.

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