Enough with the complaints already!

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Enough with the complaints already!

By M Davies   /     Nov 16, 2007  /     Mommyhood  /  

Here’s my impression of my daughter today:

  • “My boo boo hurts.”
  • “I getting so very sick.”
  • “My butt hurts.”
  • “Where is pony hair?”
  • “My foot hurts.”
  • “I’ve got funny boobies.”
  • “I need cough medicine.”
  • “I getting so very hungry.”
  • “Put on something for MEEEEEEE.” (meaning a TV show)

Every five minutes or so there is a new complaint coming out of her mouth.  She is starting to sound like me.  AHHHH!!!  I wish she’d just shut up for five minutes.  Just five minutes of no talking, that’s all I want. 

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  1. The Cubelodyte Says: November 19, 2007 10:20 am

    One word: Thorazine.

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