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So much to do today….

By M Davies   /     Nov 30, 2007  /     Mommyhood  /     0 Comment

God, I have so much to do today, but I can’t get motivated.  Updates in bold posted at 12:00pm.

  1. I have to pick up my wedding rings at Steve Hydock, they finally are done being resized.  Cost:  $70 dollars.  I can’t believe my ring size grew by 2 sizes after having Owen.  Note to any future mothers out there:  please take off your wedding rings after you find out you are pregnant.  Getting them cut off and resized is costly.  Steve Hydock doesn’t open until 10am, so I have to wait a little bit before I can go there.  (done)
  2. I have to run to Party Shitty (City) to get some balloons, decorations, and plates for Gabby’s 3rd Bday tomorrow.  I am going back and forth what kind of plates and balloons to get.  She likes Little Einsteins, Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Spongebob Squarepants.  It will be one of those.  They just opened — 9:30am.  (done, but they didn’t have little einstein stuff, so I settled for Spongebob)
  3. Then I have to go to Nanticoke to Sanitary Bakery to pick up the 2 birthday cakes I got.  We are taking one up to Rich’s parents tomorrow night, and the other one is for when my family comes down on Sunday afternoon.  Except, they might not come down on Sunday now because its supposed to snow/sleet/freezing rain Sat Night into Sunday.  So now I’m stuck with an additional birthday cake that we may or may not use.  [Side Note:  Why is there always some sort of weather disaster on Gabby’s Birthday?  Last year it was the Tornado in Mountain Top, and this year its this winter sloppy mess.  WTF]  I have to pick that up by noon.  (Rich is picking that up on his way home from work – he’s coming home early!)
  4. Then I have to go directly from there back to get Gabby at Daycare around 12:30 or 1.  (soon)

There’s one problem.  One major kink in my plans.  The stupid MacBook is arriving today.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I am totally psyched its going to be here today, its just…why couldn’t it be arriving tomorrow like it said it was going to on FedEx.  Or yesterday.  Tomorrow or Yesterday would have been more convenient for my schedule.  Now I have to do all of this crap AFTER it gets here.  I have been taking Gabby to daycare Mon-Wed-Fri from 8am to noon-ish so I can get errands and stuff out of the way – so I only have 4 hours to get this all done.  I hate feeling rushed, and its going to be very difficult to go to a jewelry store and a party store with 2 kids.  It will be hard enough with 1.   (still not here as of noon, btw)

stress, Stress, STRESS

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