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The dog piss, that turned out not to be dog piss

By M Davies   /     Nov 27, 2007  /     Annoyances  /     0 Comment

Yesterday morning, Rich walks down the stairs after his shower into the kitchen and steps in what he through was a big puddle of Trumpy piss.  He starts freaking out and cursing and reaching for cleaning supplies.  I had just woke up out of a dead sleep and didn’t think anything of it and started to help him clean up.  I never really got a good look at the puddle to see how big it was.  After the mess was cleaned up, I then went downstairs to grab some clothes for Gabby and Owen to get them dressed and Rich is standing in front of the drier with a puzzled look eyeing the clothes folded on the top of it.  Apparently they were wet and he couldn’t figure out why they were wet, and where the liquid came from.  It didn’t take me long to put 2 and 2 together and trace the source of the water.  There is a hole that was drilled into the kitchen floor to run phone cord/tv cable/electrical wire through.  Where the dog *peed* the water seeped through the hole, and dropped down through the ceiling and dripped into a cupboard, and then down on top of the clean clothes on top of the dryer, etc, etc etc, big fucking mess.

So from 8:30 am until about 2pm, I was furiously cleaning the cupboard out downstairs, rewashing all of the clothes that got wet, throwing out a bunch of ruined crap, mopping the floor.  Rich gets home and looks at our fridge (which is a side by side freezer-fridge with ice crusher).  The fucking ice crusher broke AGAIN.  Leaked all over the kitchen AGAIN.  It wasn’t the dog that peed.  It was the freezer that peed.  I absolutely cannot believe I wasted that much time cleaning yesterday only to find out the liquid was water.  I am so pissed.  I’m actually less pissed than I was yesterday, but still pissed.

I have a killer headache right now, and I hope what I just wrote makes sense.  My head is throbbing just trying to re-read it.  I was watching Charlie Brown Christmas on ABC then all of the sudden Dancing with the Stars came on.  I wish I knew where the damn remote was, or had the strength to get off the couch and find it at this moment.  This show blows….real bad.  Is it possible for a TV show to make a headache worse?

I ordered the MacBook yesterday.  The FedEx tracking thing says it should be here by Dec 1 (Gabby’s 3rd Bday).  I’m getting a present on Gabby’s bday!  The box to ship the craptop back to dell arrived today from DHL too.  So I’m going to have to move everything over to the new mac before I ship this one back to dell.  That shouldn’t be as bad as when I formatted last time.  I backed a large amount of crap up to my server space on Rich’s Mac — it took days.  I’m excited to finally resync my Ipod up to something that has all of my mp3s in one spot….that will be my new macbook! 

Alright I’m getting up to find the remote now.  I’ve taken about as much of this shitty show as I can handle.

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