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By M Davies   /     Nov 12, 2007  /     Annoyances  /     0 Comment

There is a certain relative on my husband’s side of the family that keeps sending out email chain forward spam crap.  I am starting to get a little annoyed.  Ok, maybe that was the understatement of the year, but I mean really.  Getting 1-2 emails in one day from this relative is a *good day*.  Most days I can get anywhere in the neighborhood of 5-7.  Most days I just ignore them and delete them, but lately I’m getting pissed off at the subjects of these emails.


I love the one about how bad women drivers are, complete with pictures.  Totally.  Uncalled.   For.  Maybe those pictures are true, and maybe they were all done by women drivers.  Hello?!  Its not as if men are perfect drivers either.  Take a ride around Wilkes-Barre any given day and you’ll see my point — especially on Tuesdays aka Senior Day at the Grocery Stores….I rest my case.


Denzel Washington did not open his personal checkbook to make a donation to a Vet Hospital.


Mr. Rogers was not a Navy Seal.


You will not get a Macy’s gift card by forwarding this email to 10 of your closest friends.


Please for the love of god stop sending me stupid shit.  If you cannot confirm the email by at least 2 sources (one of them being Snopes) do not waste my time.


Actually the one about Mr. Rogers was the breaking point for me.  Mr. Rogers was a childhood icon to me, and I’m not going to allow some stupid email foward to slander his name.  Anyway….Said relative forwarded the Mr. Rogers email to me, and I did a reply-all and posted the Snopes link to the article.  You’d think that this person would remember to check Snopes after being corrected so many times (not just from me — other people on his forward distribution list as well), but NOOOOOOOOO.  You’d be thinking wrong.  Its way too easy to click Fwd and type in 20 email addresses.  Easier than taking 5 seconds to type www.snopes.com into your URL bar and hitting enter.


Tonight the relative just sent the Denzel Washington email forward to me, to which I replied all again with the Snopes link stating that this email foward was *partially true*.  The relative then proceeded to email me back with “Do you know?  Were you there???”.


Excuse me?


Were YOU there?  No.  Did you check this against snopes or at least search google to see if it was true.  NO.  So don’t get snotty with me because I corrected your stupid email forward.


Anyone found sending these things, should get a perm ban from the internet.


So to sum up — Snopes.com.  Bookmark it and use it!  Don’t forward stupid shit or I’m coming to beat you with a rubber hose!

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