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Blog Torture

By M Davies   /     Nov 10, 2007  /     Uncategorized  /     1 Comment

I haven’t been writing a lot of anything because I haven’t really been inspired.  I took a year hiatus from blogging for personal reasons and now I cannot get back into the groove of writing.  I sit and torture myself over every topic I could possibly write about and find myself asking “Will anyone care either way if they read this?”  Probably not.  My blogs and ideas are not earth-shattering. 

I torture myself over the words I choose to use, the way I word a sentence, punctuation, etc, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on.  This is probably one of the reasons I’ll never be able to write a book.  It will take me 25 years to finish it with how critical I am about what I write.  I really would like to participate in Nanowrimo, but there is no way I will finish a novel in 30 days.  I did participate in Nanowrimo once back in 2002, but I got about 20 pages in and just could not decide what direction the book was going, and gave up.  If I can find my manuscript of it, I will post it someday….maybe.  If I get the nerve. 

I am going to make my blog more functional this time around.  I am adding categories for Recipes, Mommyhood, NEPA Events, etc.  I want to be more organized and less bitchy.  If anyone has any constructive criticism or ideas on how to improve on my blog, I’m all ears.  Also, while I’m thinking about it, I have most of my favorites re-linked on the side bar.  If I had you previously linked in the past, leave a comment and I’ll re-add you.  I can’t remember all of the links I used to have.

That’s it.  Now on with the show. 

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