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…And I got out of bed, why?

By M Davies   /     Nov 07, 2007  /     Mommyhood  /     0 Comment

I’m sick again for like the second time in 2 weeks.  I have a sore throat/lost voice from the endless stream of snot and mucus dripping down the back of my throat.  The air seems really dry in my house, despite the fact that we have a humidifier hooked to our furnace.  Supposedly, it is working says my husband.  I don’t think so.  My skin is parched, my throat is parched, my mouth is parched.  Everything is parched.  All of this dryness screws with my sinuses too.  I love waking up at 3am with sinus twinges. 

I was supposed to go with my Grandmother and her crocheting friends to lunch this morning, and I didn’t really feel like it because I was sick, but it turns out that she couldn’t make it anyway.  I’m off the hook.  Who knows how the two kiddos/BRATS would have been out at a restaurant in public anyway.

Speaking of which…..

My dog and daughter both outsmarted me this morning.  I must be getting really stupid for my old age (of 27) because there is no other explanation. 

My husband let our dog out into the backyard this morning.  Since now our yard is fenced in, we leave him out there for a few hours in the morning to do whatever.  Around 10 or so, I went downstairs to let him back in and he was no where to be found.  I called, and called and called….NOTHING.  Alright.  I know I’m sick, but am I losing my mind too?  I went back upstairs just to see if I spaced out and walked past him, but after checking every room in the house, he was no where to be found.  I open the side door and there he is.  Sitting on the side porch.  WTF?????  All of the gates were closed and locked.  The only way I could see him getting out is a small space under the fence, to which I would think he’s too fat and stupid to crouch down and crawl through.  Apparently, I thought wrong.  So now the yard is going to have to be secured so he does not escape again.  Jerk.

I went upstairs after the whole dog fiasco and put on a Little Einstein DVD for Gabby and Owen.  I figured while they were occupied with that I’d clean the bathroom.  I couldn’t have been up in the bathroom for more than a half hour before I finished with that and came back downstairs to bring down a load of clothes to be washed.  I happen to glance over into the living room and there are tissues are shredded ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM.  WTFWTFWTFWTF.  I specifically have my tissues set up high on a speaker so that this will not happen (because it has happened in the past).  Gabby must have climbed on the back of the couch and reached for them, pulled half of the tissues out of the box, then her and Owen proceded to shred them.  Apparently now I cannot leave them alone in a room to play unless I tie them to a chair first. 

Blah.  I want to take a nap. 

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