Recipe for a Bad Monday

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Recipe for a Bad Monday

By M Davies   /     Oct 29, 2007  /     Annoyances, The Myspace Blog File  /  
  • Waking up late.
  • Opening Gabby’s door this morning to find she stripped naked and then peed on her floor.
  • Rich not bothering to take out the dog or the yard waste this morning before he left.
  • Having to unload 2 boxes of shit from desk out of my jeep at 7am this morning.
  • The South Main Street traffic fuckage due to the fire over the weekend.
  • Nearly getting into an accident because no one knows the difference between the turning lanes from the straight lanes on South Washington Street.
  • Realizing my tank was on E before even getting out of Wilkes-Barre, then spending 40 dollars to fill it.
  • Driving in and realizing I’m going to have to pack more shit when I get to my desk.  (7 years of personal FX)
  • Finally sitting down at my desk at 9:15am.

Thank god I was able to stop for a coffee at least.  Now screw you guys, I’m going to the gym.

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