I make sure everything remains raw.

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I make sure everything remains raw.

By M Davies   /     Oct 24, 2007  /     The Myspace Blog File  /  

I went to the gyno on Monday and apparently now a breast examination done by the doc is part of the yearly check up.  Yeah, I have a female doc, so this made me feel just a tad bit awkward.  Anyway.  The doctor noticed my stomach was sticking out funny and (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT) apparently I have a hernia where my belly button is, which is causing it not to go down properly as it used to.  A hernia.  WTF? 

The doctor said not to worry about it and also eventually that my colon may try to pop through my stomach.  But definately and most importantly do not worry about it.  Um what?  Call me crazy, but that seems a little contradictory to me.  I’ve been researching the shit out of this online.  Clearly I’m going to need to go to my normal family doctor because I have many questions that need to be answered.  Like here’s a good one:  CAN I LIFT HEAVY STUFF?  My son weighs 24 lbs, and daughter weighs 30 something.  Also, I usually have to take out the trash every Tuesday morning, because for some odd reason (even though our Garbage day never has changed since we moved in) my husband never remembers to put it out the night before. 

Also, I have to go for more bloodwork to get my anemia and thyroid checked.  That should be fun because I love bloodwork about as much as watching Dancing with the Stars or watching grass grow.  Actually bloodwork may win that one by a landslide.  I am extremely anemic.  BTW – Anemia means when you are iron defficient – not to be confused with bullemic (which is what my dumbass thought it meant initially).  Anyway, when I was admitted to the hospital to be induced with Owen and they did the standard blood work.  They run a variety of tests to check your blood levels.  I am not sure of the name of the exact test – maybe for iron levels — but the level is supposed to be at 14 for a normal healthy person.  Mine was 7, which is half of what it should be.  I was extremely iron deficient, and needed to get 3 bags of blood.  One I got during the C Section, the next two came in the following days.  I really didn’t feel any different before vs. after the transfusions, but the nurses said my face actually got color back into it.  I also had to get my blood taken like 2 times everyday.  When I was discharged from the hospital my arms were so black and blue people probably thought I was a heroin junkie.  It actually took 2 weeks for the bruising to go away. 

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up because I have a job interview tomorrow at [company name removed] that I have to mentally prepare for.  Wish me luck.

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