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Gum on my Porch

By M Davies   /     Oct 27, 2007  /     I hate my neighbors, The Myspace Blog File  /  

Well I found another piece of gum on my side porch this morning.  I am fuming.  My side porch is situated so that it sits back from the street and facing my neighbors huge wrap around porch.  The gum could only have come from their porch, because it gets no foot traffic from the street.  I highly doubt someone walking by would see my porch and would walk up to it for the sole purpose of spitting out their gum.

The little hellion brats from next door think its acceptable to spit gum and candy and shit on my porch, sidewalks and etc.  Also, the one kid over there that is now in High School smokes, and throws his cigarette butts near my garbage.  I swear to fucking god I am going to have an anuerysm if I have to pick up one more piece of gum or cigarette butt. 

We’ve already talked to the parents a few years ago about the gum problem.  The mother was supposed to talk to the brats about that.  I’m thinking that instead of telling them not to spit gum on our side, she probably told them to keep doing it.  If anything the gum has INCREASED since we mentioned it to her.  What a bitch twat.  Anyway, I don’t think the parents are aware that the High School kid smokes.  Maybe someone should ring the fucking alarm about that one.  Maybe I’ll save up all of the cigarette butts I collect and send them via USPS and write a note that says YOUR SON SMOKES.  Fucking scumbag neighbors.  I hate them one and all.

They are just pissed because we finally fenced in the yard this year.  WELL TOO FUCKING BAD.  Maybe if you weren’t section 8 renters, you wouldn’t have this problem.  PS – you can see the fence pictures in the pictures section of  my Myspace page. 

So here’s what I did – I picked up the piece of gum, and launched it back over onto their side.  I will continue to do this until the madness stops.

I’m going to the hockey game with Russell later.  YAY for getting out of the house for a few hours!  Anyone else going?  Maybe I’ll see you there? 

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