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Previous Employment Embarrassment

By M Davies   /     Oct 22, 2007  /     NEPA, The Myspace Blog File  /     0 Comment

Since everyone is already aware, because I keep saying it over and over and over like a broken record – I’m losing my job.  Did you know that?  I’m losing my job in 8 days.  I’ll be filing for unemployment in 8 days.  Etc, etc, etc…..


I’ve been filling out all of these jobs apps, going on interviews, and updating my resume.  Back in 1999-2000 (3 months) I worked at a place called Liberty Business Information — LBI for short.  The place was located on Mundy Street near the mall.  I’m not sure of the exact address , but lets just say its on the corner of Highland Park Blvd and Mundy Street.  LBI moved out several years ago, and guess what has moved in….Gentlemans GClub 10.  As in, the BYOB (because we live in Pennsylvania) strip club.  So now, when I’m filling out my job apps I have to put this address as my previous employer, because I don’t know where LBI moved to. 

“Really, Mr. Potential Future Employer, I’m not or was ever a stripper or topless dancer.”

Prior to the Strip Club and LBI, there was also a Chinese Buffet there.  I remember being to the buffet before I worked there.  I think it was called Jolly King Buffet.  When I worked at LBI; my seat used to be somewhere within the kitchen area of the restaurant.  They used to kill cats where I sat.  j/k  Its crazy to think that I worked at LBI before Highland Park Blvd or any of the other retail development/hell up that way existed.  Now there’s a story for the grandkids.  Hey kiddies, check out my Arena Yes bumper sticker and pin. 

Ugh.  I’m showing my age now. 

I’m sick and light headed so I guess I’m gonna go lay down.  And I have to go out to the gyno later.  So that will be a bonus treat in additon to the 85 pounds of snot inside my sinus cavities.

[Edit:  10/28/07]:

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