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Road Construction

By M Davies   /     Oct 09, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /  

Dear Wilkes-Barre & Hanover Township Road Departments: Please for the love of god, do not start 30 road construction projects all at the same time.  It is difficult enough to navigate around the city at rush hour, let alone find a creative alternative route.  I do really appreciate that you have taken on an aggressive paving schedule (Source:

  • George Avenue from Washington Street to Scott Street
  • Old River Road from Riverside Drive to Carey Avenue
  • Brown Street from Gilligan to Stanton Street
  • Stanton Street from Hazle to South Empire Street
  • Academy Street from River Street to Old River Road
  • South Franklin Street from Horton to Hanover Street

….but please please please, PLEASE give us all more than one day's notice that you are doing it.  Also, why isn't the project going on at the bottom of South Main Street and Penn Blvd listed?  I had to go about 3 hours out of the way to pick up Gabby earlier. Also, can we possibly at least think about the possibility of paving Division Street?  Please, I beg of you.  The potholes are big enough to swallow a car hole.  It is really bad, and I have a jeep with 4 wheel drive capable of off-roading.  The fact that off-roading seems like it would be way more smoother than driving down Division Street does not say much.  Please Hanover Twp and Wilkes-Barre, collaborate something up to get this road paved before I kill a tire.   That is all.  For now.

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