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By M Davies   /     Oct 08, 2006  /     NEPA, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I have nothing better to do so that is why I've been writing a lot of blog entries lately.  I just checked and I posted like 5 updates in as many days.  When I'm at work 5 updates may span over 5 months because I get lazy. 

So anyway…..back to the original point of this post….

I was driving to pick up Gabby yesterday around 4 and was stopped at a stop light at the corner of East South Street and South Main Street in Downtown Wilkes-Barre.  There was a really really nice car in front of me – a mercury millan with Maryland plates.  All of the sudden I see the drivers hand out of the window waving for some guy walking down the street to come over.  The guy walks over and the the driver puts the car in park and opens his trunk.  There was a cardboard box in the trunk and the driver grabs something out of it gives it to the guy on the street then closes the trunk and gets back in his car.  All of this happened before the light changed back to green, by the way.  I thought to myself that the driver looked pretty shady.  I didn't see exactly what he gave the guy, but if that wasn't just a drug deal that went down in front of me, I don't know what was.  Gotta love Wilkes-Barre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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