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By M Davies   /     Sep 07, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

In my boredom with being home 24×7 for the last 5 weeks I don't have much entertainment other then watching the standard Directv channels (I'm too po' to afford HBO or Skinemax), watching grass grow, and/or watching paint dry.  Just kidding.  I'm too lazy to paint.  Anyway, my new form of entertainment is thinking of stuff to look up in Wikipedia and see if someone actually wrote an article about it.  As you may or may not know, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written and maintained entirely by its users and is free to use for all.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Who am I kidding, I have no life.  However, if you have any funny wikipedia pages you'd like me to check out, by all means post them.

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No more babies

By M Davies   /     Sep 07, 2006  /     Medical Issues, Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Let me just state first and foremost that I hate the entire medical profession.  This post will probably filled to the brim of TMI girl things (too much information) but I'm highly pissed off and need to rant. About 2-3 months ago at one of my doctors appointments my Ob-gyn and I briefly discussed birth control options for after I had Owen.  I told her I'd like to get my tubes tied and just be done with the baby making.  I cannot afford, nor want anymore kids.  Apparently if you want to have a tubal ligation and are under the age of 30 it is the doctor's job to talk you out of it.  Why?  I do not know.  Most of them are in the business to make money and are notorious for unecessary procedures. Anyway she said "ok", but in a way that sounded more to the effect of "HELL FUCKING NO WAY ARE WE DOING THIS".  She told me I'd need to sign a waiver, and that normally they do not recommend tubal ligations for someone "so young".  Then proceded to say "what if you won the lottery tomorrow?" and kept putting these scenarios in my head of reasons why I would not want to get the tubal.  No really.  I am pretty damn sure I am done with having kids thankyouverymuch.  I don't care if I was the last woman on earth and the human race depended on me to start procreating.  There is no way I want more kids.  Period.  And this is my decision.  Since Rich agrees with me, I figured there would be no problem in getting this procedure done.  WRONG.  Suddenly the doctor went from "ok" to all out refusing to do this to me.  Listen, if for some reason I lose my mind and want another child (first, smack the shit out of me to bring me to my senses) I can adopt one.  I'm sure there are plenty of kids already out there that need a good home.  Anyway, the tubal is covered under my health insurance.  The doctor suggested I do the IUD because it is a 5 year form of birth control that requires no remembering to take pills.  Also, it supposedly is cheaper than the pill (WRONG! I did the math)  The IUD is not covered under insurance and is 700 dollars out of pocket.  200 of which can be broken out into payments, the 500 is needed up front.  Right.  Let me just write a rubber check for you.  The doctor initially told me there would be no problems with a payment plan, but now all of the sudden I need 500 dollars up front.  So there goes that idea. I could try to go back on the pill, but it was giving me MIGRAINES.  I mean these were blinding disabling headaches that made me want to cry.  The only thing that felt good during one of those was going to bed or banging my head off of something.  There is no amount of tylenol or advil that you could take that would make it go away. For a person with 2 kids and a job crunching numbers at a PC all day, I cannot afford to get one of these headaches.  They take me out of commission.  I don't know what else there is left to try.  It has to be affordable and covered under my insurance.  I was thinking about asking about that birth control patch thing, but seen recently now that its causing blood clots and other problems on TV.  That's no good  I just do not understand why they can't give me the damn tubal, I could have gotten it when I was in for my c section and it would have been covered under insurance and there wouldn't be an issue.  Its my body, why can't I just do what I want to do?????? I found a quote that's rather fitting for this entire fiasco:  Kelly Osbourne –  "My teeth, my car, my vagina, my business." Anyway, I hope there's a solution otherwise I'll probably never do "it" again.  And at this point that's fine with me.

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Z Updates

By M Davies   /     Sep 07, 2006  /     Family, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

A few months ago I posted about my cousin "Z" harassing the hell out of me and Rich by constantly calling us and showing up unexpectedly whenever the hell he damn well pleased (see previous post for more details).  Well there have been new developments since then that I've been meaning to post, but just forgot about.

Incident #1: Back when I was in the hospital after having Owen, Z's brother showed up on our doorstep one night around 10pm.  Rich and Gabby were home and also he had some friends over.  Gabby was in bed and Rich and his friends were in our basement hanging out. All of the sudden Rich hears Trumpy upstairs barking and ignored it at first.  However Trumpy wouldn't stop barking so Rich knew that something was up.  He came upstairs and sure enough someone was knocking at the door (Z's brother).  He answers the door and Z's brother was hysterically crying on our porch because he could not find Z.  He was wailing at 10pm asking if he could use our phone (the neighbors were starting to stare).  Rich was shellshocked so he gave him the phone and he called someone to ask for a ride.  He then asked to wait in the house until his ride was here.  Rich told him no way and he sat on the porch until his ride came.

Incident #2:  Fast forward to a week after I get home with Owen, my Mom was coming down during the day to allow me to sleep and help out with Gabby and Owen.  We were sitting in the living room and heard a loud stereo going down the street.  My mother commented that it sounded like my brother's truck.  About 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door.  I just had assumed it was Russell so my Mom got up to answer the door and it was Z, his brother (the one that was crying) and Z's sister.  They did not recognize who my Mom was (their Aunt) and kept asking if they knew their mother.  Then they kept asking if I was home.  My mom went out on the porch went on the porch to talk to them and when she came back in she told me it was them.  I immediately flew off of the handle and was going to go outside to yell at them to go away.  My Mom told me to calm down and she would take care of it.  The next thing I know she was filling up 3 glasses of water and took them outside for them to drink.  Wtf?  Yeah she handled it alright *sarcasm*.  They left after that, but nothing was said about them NOT TO COME BACK as I have a 1 week old baby in the house. 

Incident #3:  Last night Rich went over his friends house for a bit and I had a few moments of peace after I put both of the kids to sleep.  I was actually watching "Bye bye love" and enjoying a beer in my pajamas on the couch.  Then all of the sudden the doorbell rings.  I looked at the clock.  It was 8:30.  No one had mentioned that they were stopping by so I can only assume it was one of my cousins.  I did not answer the door as I was alone and in my pajamas and I really did not want company.

Please please please let them come back tonight.  I will settle the score once and for all.  My house is not the local hangout and I do not need to be the guardian of 3 teenagers that their parents could care less about. I have my own kids with my own problems.  Stop coming down unannounced at all hours of the night.  You are not welcome. Arghhhhhh *annoyed*

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