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Not again (again)

By M Davies   /     Sep 01, 2006  /     Mommyhood, NEPA, The Pre-Dooce File, Wacky PA Weather  /     0 Comment

Well here we are, a little over 2 months later from the June floods and now we are in for more tropical rains from Ernesto.   The weathermen that I love so much (Snedeker) are all stating that we are getting 1-3 inches of rain.  This doesn't include the 1"+ we got last Sunday and also the 1"+ we got earlier in the week (Tuesday I think?)  I think we are going to have more river and stream flooding and trouble this week.  This is not good considering most of the people effected by June's floods are still cleaning up and trying to recover. 

Blah.  I am thankful that we were not in the mandatory evacuation zone in June.  I don't know how it would be to have to leave with a 21 month old and a 1 month old and all of the crap they require (diapers, formula etc).  We will thankfully stay put during this storm and potential flooding.  Anyway, I'll keep you posted with what happens, but I predict it will be bad again.

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