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By M Davies   /     Aug 23, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I had to take my car to the shop last night because of various issues it is having.  I think I may have mentioned these in a previous post, but….one of my AC vents fell off leaving a big hole in my dash board on the drivers side.  Also a piece of stereo fell off earlier this week, plus it has been rolling back on hills.  To take my vehicle to the shop was sort of like playing a chess game.  Obviously I couldn't wait there with a newborn or 20 month old for 2 hours without a disaster happening.  I asked if there was anyway I could do a Saturday appointment.  They were all booked, but mentioned I could drop it off at their night drop area.  I opted to do this and setup to drop off my car last night.  It had to be on the lot by 8, because Motorworld closes its gates at 8pm sharp. After eating dinner last night Rich and I rounded up brat #1 and #2 and got ready to drop off my jeep.  He took Gabby's carseat out of my car and moved it to his car.  Then he and Gabby went in his car and Owen and I went in my car.  When we got to the dealership he moved over Owen and the carseat into his car.  I dropped off my car and filled out all of the paperwork.  My car appointment was for 7:30 in the AM.  We all drove back in Rich's jeep. Since we only had until 6pm tonight to get the car, Rich had to get a ride to and from work with a co-worker so he could be dropped off at Motorworld before closing time.  I got a call from Motorworld at 11 saying that the rolling back on hills was normal and the other two issues needed parts ordered in order to fix them.  Great.  Basically this was a waste of time…..because in about a week we'll have to go and do the same thing over again.  Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!  I hate mechanics. I swear I bought a lemon.

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