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F*ck, F*ck, F*ck

By M Davies   /     Jul 30, 2006  /     Annoyances, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Friday was my last day of work, and I meant to record an out of the office greeting on my voicemail before I left work, but of course being my usual braindead-self, I forgot.  I just spent 9 minutes and 17 seconds (according to the timer on my home phone) recording a new greeting.  No, the greeting isn't 9 minutes and 17 seconds long.  No way!  It took me that long to record a message that I didn't fuck up on. It went something roughly like this…

Attempt 1:  "You've reached the desk of Michelle Davies (long pause)" -> I was distracted by something on the TV. grrrrr

Attempt 2:  "Please stop and listen to this message, You've reached the desk of Michelle Davies Common *throat gets scratchy*….GRRRRRRRR!"

Attempt 3:  "ummm" GRRRRRRRR!

I'm glad I was the only one in the room at the time because anyone else would have laughed me out of the county.  It literally took me about 30 or so attempts to get the recording to my liking.  I kept screwing up, stuttering or saying "um".  I probably should write a script next time I have to record a greeting, because that was ridiculous.  I guess you can say I'm a little of a perfectionist when it comes to recording my vmail greetings.  Jeez!!!  I need some OCD medication.

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Logging off for now….

By M Davies   /     Jul 30, 2006  /     Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

*(for those of you who didn't get my earlier email or see the bulletin on myspace- i am also adding it to my blog….if you did not get the email chances are I do not have your most recent address in my address book, please forward it along to me if you'd like to keep in touch)*

All, I'm posting a blog to let you all know what is going on with my stubborn unborn child that refuses to come out! Wednesday was my due date apparently. They moved up the due date 2 days after one of my ultrasounds, but I wasn't aware of it. Obviously, I am still with baby, so I am now considered "over due". When I visited my doctor this past Tuesday I was scheduled for an induction on August 1st. I have to go into the hospital Monday night and stay over into Tuesday. They will be starting me with some kind of device that is designed to help me start to dialate on Monday night. Then on Tuesday morning I will be started on the pitocin which is a hormone drip and it makes your contractions come on strong. I should be having my baby sometime on Tuesday. Of course this is all based on the assumption that nothing will happen over the weekend….obviously if my labor starts before Monday/Tuesday I will be in the hospital much sooner. I will be in touch sometime again sometime after I have the baby to share pictures, stories, etc. I can't say when exactly, but as soon as I feel up to it, I will definitely be in touch. That being said today is my last day of work. You can still use the address as I have it setup to be forwarded to my Gmail account. Wish me luck!!!!!



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God hates me.

By M Davies   /     Jul 17, 2006  /     Annoyances, Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Could it really be any hotter for my last 2 weeks of pregnancy?!?!  I mean really.  I was just outside for 10 minutes (if that) to go to the drug store and Joe Nardones and I nearly had a heat stroke walking back.  I hope everyone is managing to stay cool one way or another out there.  I uploaded new pictures to my gallery…so click on the link at the top and check out my Craptastic Summer of 2006 pics.  This weekend was an interesting one.  I went to the book reading on Friday night.  Saturday was mostly a boring wasted day.  I actually took an afternoon nap at the same time Gabby did.  I did some minor packing/unpacking organizing of the new baby's room, but in the long run didn't get Jack Shit accomplished with it.  I may need an army of volunteers or the room will never get done.  Sunday was too hot to do anything productive so we went swimming in the afternoon up Rich's parents.  Yeah.  That was about it.  I feel like such a slacker, but I get so exhausted and its so hot that I don't even feel like moving off of the couch.  I have off tomorrow and want to get some more stuff accomplished.  I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, but after I drop Gabby off at daycare and get back from that I want to work more on the babies room.  I still need to get a mattress for the crib (which is still not put together, btw) and an Air Conditioner for the room.  That's about another 160 dollars.  I can't even think about buying those things until the room is more organized though, because I'll have nowhere to put them.  Then I need to go to the supermarket and get a few things…..cuz we didn't go this weekend.  Again, SLACKERS!  Then I want to relax if possible, because I'm going to the American Idols concert later on that evening with my Aunt and cousin, so long as I'm not in labor by then.  Oh and I'm supposed to have a toy box delivered to my house that my Dad bought for me.  It's coming UPS and weighs 50+ lbs.  I hope the UPS guy can bring it into my house or it'll be sitting on the porch until Rich gets home. My Mom's birthday was Sunday and my parent's anniversary is Wednesday.  They aren't here all week long because they are in New York at their camper.  So I can't really rely on them to be here if anything happens and I do go into labor.  I also can't give them their stupid presents, and I can't really talk to them on the phone because they have no reception up there.  It all irritates me.  I know they are entitled to go away, but do you think they could put it off until after I have this damn kid…..NO! Argh.  I have a bunch more stuff to rant about, but I have to go back and finish up my work so that will be one less thing to worry about when I'm off tomorrow.  Toodalooo…

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I’m famous (not really)

By M Davies   /     Jul 14, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Did you know that my picture appears on a book cover?  No….seriously.


I first met Lou Orfanella by chance through my other website (which is under construction at the moment, but be patient, it will be fully functional again soon).  He had contacted me with some poetry he had written about hurricane Agnes and the flood that followed a few years ago.  I find any memoribilia from the flood (memories, pictures, stories, artifacts, etc) fascinating, so with permission, I published a few of the poems on the website.  I also was able to hook him up with my friend Mike Burnside (see link on right) and he did an interview for WVIA FM.  Since then he done a few local book readings and has published more books/poetry which can all be found by doing a quick search of Barnes & Noble by his name.  BTW, I highly recommend reading them.  There is a scheduled book reading at the Wilkes-Barre Barnes & Noble tonight at 7pm with Lou.  I know it is kind of short notice, but I'm a slacker, what do you expect.  Lou doesn't have an official website or anything like that, otherwise I would link to it here, but if you google for him you can find several websites of interest (2 of mine included). Google is actually the reason why I appeared on the book cover I linked to above.  Lou and I wrote a collaborative poem regarding Google and the Internet in general.  The poem is called "" and appears in the "Allurements and Lamentations" book.  Seeing something that I partially wrote inspires me to get more stuff published, but when I start to sit down and seriously try to write something I get stuck and it goes nowhere.  Hopefully some day I can see my name in print. 

Anyway, here's the poem as it appears in the book:

Worlds collide in unexpected ways

When we google ourselves in reality

Cyberspace becomes the great black hole

Where past and present live as one

Where future tense is conditional

And where we die before we are born

Nothing in life is above being anonymous

Searching for the holy grail within cyberspace

Something lost and something found

How do you rank?

Do you feel lucky?

Eternal questions will be answered with a click of the mouse.

What happens if the mouse is blind

Cannot see the galaxy for the stars

Can run neither up nor down the clock

As the hands continue their slow but predictable turn

Does the darkness recede like the Flood waters returning to the river

The web is endless as are the waves in the water

We surrender our souls to the pool of technology

Searching in cyberspace is like skipping a stone

Sometimes it skips and sometimes it sinks

Craving information will be our best friend and worst enemy

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

When an enemy becomes a friend or a friend becomes an enemy

All technology becomes nothing more than a curtain behind which to hide

Who to keep close, who to keep on the other side of the moat

As the tin soldiers approach the drawbridge their

Faces hidden by the impenetrable masks lifted only when the battle is over

Seeing who was inside only after it is too late

As if a monitor was a security blanket, we hide behind them

We use them to build our forts and pretend we are camping

A monitor and keyboard could be a blessing or a curse

They take us to the mirror room in the fun house

Appearances may not be as they seem, WYSIWYG You may be left having more questions than answers

As the magician pulls the spider web out of his hat.

What became of the rabbit in the magic hat

Did it disappear with a wave of the wand

Or is it still there behind the spider's web

What is real, what is illusion

Does the difference exist and does it matter after all

It matters not what you think, but how you react

The magician submits his slight of hand for your approval

Whether or not you want to believe it, the web is there

You may not be able to see or touch it, but it still exists

Existing, is the only way for us to thrive In reality, we are all information addicts.

The parts that appear in the italicized writing are what I wrote, and the other parts in the regular font are what Lou wrote.  If you dig this and want to read more, I urge you to check out Allurements and Lamentations, its only 11 bux from Barnes & Noble.  You cannot go wrong with this book 🙂

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Where have I been?

By M Davies   /     Jul 14, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Can someone please explain to me what is going on in the middle east?  I know it isn't the most "stable" area in the world and that there is violence there everyday, but what's with all of the bombing and happy horseshit going on now over there?  I attempted to watch CNN last night to see what the deal was, and it basically just said that there is bombing going back and forth between Israel and Lebanon.  Ok.  I got that picture, but why???  What is the big deal this time?? I am not being a smart ass, I just genuinely have no idea what is going on and would like to have some clue.

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By M Davies   /     Jul 08, 2006  /     Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I will just save some time and answer everything you need to know right here:

  • It's a boy.
  • July 28th.
  • We like the name Owen, no we don't have a middle name picked out.
  • Yes, my belly is big get over it, I'm pregnant.
  • No its not my first child.
  • I plan to work right up until my due date.
  • Yes, I am tired thanks for noticing.
  • Yes, I am still here, and will be until my water breaks.
  • Yes, I am still here, and will be until my water breaks.
  • Yes, I am still here, and will be until my water breaks.

Note:  The last one needed to be repeated 3 times for the people at work. Now off to the printers, I need to get this on a shirt ASAP so people will STFU and stop asking so many damned questions.

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