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wait, what?

By M Davies   /     May 24, 2006  /     NEPA, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment


d1g1tal sky: LOL – nice story – like the dumb chasing the fucking stupid

cjBEERS: that story is hillarious.

cjBEERS: poorly written as well.  you can tell they are news reporters for tv and not newspaper.

cjBEERS: p.s. you are a doll.  gotta go to kmart.  fishsticks on monday.

cjBEERS: later.

I've posted it to Fark.  I'm waiting for green light #3.  I'll keep you posted….

[Update – 5/25/06  4:08pm] – It was green lit late last night, click here to see the pic

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