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By M Davies   /     May 10, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

Today I'm going to forego the normal pregnancy whining entry and write about something completely different.

Deal or no Deal is the game show I love to hate.  Lets face it, you don't need to have any real skills to take part in being a contestant except for maybe counting.  You don't have to answer any trivia questions, or do any stunts.  You are given a brief case full of an unknown amount of money and you are at least guaranteed to leave with that much, if not more.  Which leads me to ask the question:  What are the requirements to get on the show?  Breathe?  Count to 10?  Make up some stupid supersticious thing to discuss with Howie on the show?

I can't stand how greedy the people are though.  Hell, even if I left the show with 1000 dollars more than when I came on the show, I'd be a happy camper.  I'd definately be happy with more, but if it was only a dollar, its more than what you came with. I often find myself chanting 1 million as the contestants open each case.  I am thrilled to death when they open the 1 million dollar case and realize that they have a smaller amount.  It cracks me up.  It sorta reminds me of Press Your Luck.  Whenever that show was on (I think I was around 5 at the time) I'd sit and chant WHAMMY over and over until they actually landed on one and then laugh hysterically.  Their faces when they hit the whammy were priceless as they are when they open the 1 million dollar case.  I guess I am a game show sadist.  I take solace in knowing that someone else just lost a whole lot of money because they fucked up.  Big bucks….No whammies…..and STOP!

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