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By M Davies   /     Apr 29, 2006  /     I hate my neighbors, NEPA, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Mr. Drug Picketer was recently arrested on fraud charges.  I knew it was only a matter of time until something like this happened to him.  I figured he would have been gunned down by a drug dealer first, but whatever. . . Here's a link to the follow-up Times Leader Article: He's off MY street corner and that's all that matters.

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By M Davies   /     Apr 07, 2006  /     The Pre-Dooce File, The WTF File  /     0 Comment

I got this piece of spam last night from – TiTData – Top Information Technology.  Before I clicked on it, I assumed it was spam for porn based on the name… wasn't.  This is actually a legitimate business advertising through spam for Web Hosting and Web Development.  Now, if my company name's initials were TIT i probably wouldn't abbreviate much, but that's just me. Their website is I can't wait to see the Google whacks that will come of posting this.  Here's my question…did this company not think of the abbreviation Top Information Technology would be, or did they think about it and decided they didn't care?  *shakes head*

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Nosey Questions

By M Davies   /     Apr 07, 2006  /     Annoyances, Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Top Annoying Pregnancy Questions by Trimester: 1st Trimester:

  • Are you pregnant?
  • Is it a boy or a girl?
  • When is your due date?

2nd Trimester:

  • Is it a boy or a girl?
  • Did you pick out any names yet?
  • When is your due date?

3rd Trimester:

  • Are you having twins?
  • Did you pick out that name yet?
  • When did you say your due date was?
  • Can I rub your belly?
  • Is it moving, can I feel it move?

I'm somewhere in between 2 and 3 based on the questions.  If I strangle someone before I give birth, don't be surprised.  Its because I have been asked the same question 50+ times.  I should just make a tape of pre-recorded answers and play it back when I'm asked about the baby.  That way I can say my voice for more important things.  Like yelling at Gabby to stop eating lint off of the blanket in my living room.

Look at how pretty I am wearing Mommy's scarf!  I'm like a movie star!

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