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Lyrics to Auld Lang Sine

By M Davies   /     Dec 31, 2005  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Just so you don't look like a drunken asshole when people start singing this later, I am posting the lyrics to Auld Lang Sine.

Auld Lang Sine

Verse 1.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind 

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And auld lang syne


For auld lang syne, my dear

For auld Lang syne,

We'll tak a cup o kindness yet,

For auld lang syne !

Verse 2.

And there's a hand my trusty fiere,

And gie's a hand o thine

And we'll tak a right guid-willie waught,

For auld lang sine.


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I’m fabulously famous

By M Davies   /     Dec 29, 2005  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Ok, not really, but my Agnes website ( has been mentioned in the below book:

Now I just have to wait for the royalty checks to start rolling in and I can retire to a Golf Community in Florida and forget how to vote properly.

Hey, I can dream can't I?

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My B-day

By M Davies   /     Dec 26, 2005  /     The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

My birthday is 5 days away and I'm going to be 25 years old.  I know this sounds ridiculous but I feel like about 65.  This morning I was winded walking up the steps.  My legs and hip is hurting with this rain.  I think I'll be moving into a retirement home any day. There are a few things I want for my birthday, but probably won't get because I never *really* get what I want

  • I want to go to Ikea in Conshohocken
  • I want an easel
  • A gift cert to B&N
  • To get into a smaller size clothes without have to doing any work.
  • The discount on my car insurance, goddamnit.
  • Gabby to stop taking ornaments off of the Xmas Tree.

That's about it.  If I could get those few things I'd be happy.

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