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By M Davies   /     Jun 30, 2005  /     Annoyances, The Pre-Dooce File  /  

Hell is the radio. From 8-5 certain co-workers around me listen to the radio around me. 98.5 KRZ, 97.1 BHT, and Magic 93 (all local FM stations to the NEPA area). All I'm going to say is if I have to hear that new Rob Thomas song, "Es No Amor", Mariah Carey, or Chariot one more time my ears are going to start to bleed and I will need to be committed to a psych ward. I am going to go insane I swear. At least throw something new into the mix once every other day or something, or even kick it old school. Please don't keep playing the same 3 fucking songs, its maddening. MADDENING!! I really hope there is no KRZ in hell. My soul will be damned to all eternity listening to only 3 songs all on repeat.

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