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What they don’t want you to know

By M Davies   /     Jan 14, 2005  /     Links I Heart, Misc/Crap, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Even if you aren't from Pennsylvania, you have to appreciate this: The Secret of Olyphant I really can't say much except, if you are bored definitely take the time to read it. As far back as I can remember, Olyphant was a crappy suburb of Scranton. This puts things in a little bit of a different perspective. It probably isn't true, but it is still pretty interesting to read if you have the time. Check it out.

I'm also working on writing something for the "About Me" section of my webpage. It still sucks, so I'm not ready to put it up yet. Bare with me.

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Barney & Friends

By M Davies   /     Jan 14, 2005  /     Annoyances, The Pre-Dooce File, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

There is supposed to be a 20/20 on tonight that features Barbara Walters interviewing the President and First Lady. They also film the President and his 2 dogs. I think one is named Barney and I forget the other ones name, but that isn't the point. The point is that GMA and The View made a big point of showing these clips of the dogs being bad. The one dog peed on the rug in one of the rooms inside of the White House and the other dog won't come to the President when he is called. Now there's a prime example of shouldn't be leading the country. Someone who can't even get their dogs to listen and obey them. Asshat.

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