Oh my god….

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Oh my god….

By M Davies   /     Dec 28, 2004  /     Community Service, The Pre-Dooce File  /  

I utterly cannot believe the sheer disaster of this tsunami in Asia. I have been watching CNN on and off for the last 24 hours and I cannot believe the destruction that this tidal wave has caused. I guess having a baby now makes me feel a little differently toward these people. There are children that don't have parents and now parents that don't have children. I have no idea how that must feel nor do I ever want to know how that feels. I couldn't imagine having Gabby taken away from me. I plan to donate to some money to one of the relief organizations, I know money won't make it better, but hopefully it can be put to some good use, even if it feeds one person. I urge you (my readers, the few of you) to donate money as well. CNN.com has setup this link that shows all of the organizations that are providing relief/help to the region. I hate to say this, but the amount of people that have died in this tragedy are about 6 times of that of 911. It is so hard to imagine that because the devastation of 911 was so great, I never thought that another disaster would ever come close to the loss and devastation of that, but it puts things into perspective. I know you really cannot compare the two disasters, but 22,000 dead is just insane. I am just amazed and speechless. The worst part of all of this is those people had no warning system in place. They had no idea this tidal wave was coming until they heard it, then they had roughly 5 minutes to escape. The thought that this may have been prevented is inconceivable. So in closing, please donate something (anything, even if a few dollars) to one of these organizations, you know the money will go to a good cause.

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