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My B-Day

By M Davies   /     Dec 30, 2004  /     Misc/Crap, Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

My birthday is tomorrow. I am going to be 24 years old. My god. In 6 years I will be thirty. In 6 years Gabby will be 6. Whenever I think in terms of years, I think of how old I will be and then I think of how old Gabby will be.

Rich and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night at 8:30. We are going to Hottles. If you are ever in the Downtown Wilkes-Barre area, I would highly recommend it. It is a little on the expensive side, and you have to make reservations, but it is a very good place to eat.

Tomorrow will be the first time we are out alone without Gabby. Rich's Mom is going to baby-sit while we go out. Its This seems to be a birthday of firsts…first time w/ a baby, first time away from the baby, first time that I can remember as far back as I'm alive that I won't get to see Dick Clark on New Years Eve. Who wants to see Regis on New Years Eve? Not me. It just isn't the same. The thing about Regis that annoys me most is his voice.

Gabby is really starting to liven up. She now smiles at things and her vision seems to be improving because she will become fixated on objects and stare at them for a while. She's also cooing too. It's more like an "ohhhhh" sound she makes. She is also sleeping a little bit longer at night too. If we put her down around 9ish, she will sleep straight through til 4 or 5am. This actually allows me to sleep in my own bed and not on the couch anymore. My back is starting to feel a lot better. I can't wait to see if I am all heeled up and how much weight I have lost when I go to the doctors on Jan 13th. I weighed 179 a few days before I went into labor. I have a feeling that I lost a lot because my feet are back to the normal size and I can fit into some of my normal clothes. I need to do some situps or crunches to get my belly down some more and something to fix my thighs. I can't do any excercising until my doctor visit though. I don't know why I keep blabbing on and on. I guess I'm just bored, sitting around with a nearly 1 month old all day gets kind of boring. The conversation is a little one sided, if you know what I mean. Well I have to run for now. Take care.

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US Airways…HA!

By M Davies   /     Dec 30, 2004  /     Misc/Crap, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I find this whole situation with US Airways comical. First of all they screw over everyone's Christmas up by cancelling flights because they had more people call off than normal. Then they wonder why….well maybe its because they laid off half of their workforce and gave everyone pay cuts. Say, I'm no rocket scientist or anything, but gee, that might not be the best way to give your remaining staff motivation to do anything. Now I'm not siding with the airline, but I'm trying to just say that there might be more than what meets the eye here. Likely the big Airline execs are shitting on the workers (aka the common Joe) and that is why this all came to a boil. I was disgruntled with my job at one point in time and know how that goes. Now US Airways wants all of their staff to work on their days off and for free so they avoid another repeat of Xmas. So not only did they layoff people, and gave big pay cuts, but now they want their staff to work on their days off and for free. If I worked for US Airways, I'd be giving someone the finger right about now and it wouldn't be the customers.

At any rate, if you want some good bedtime reading, check out the discussion on FARK regarding this. I always think reading other people's opinions about topics are interesting and sometimes funny. My opinion is US Airways will probably fold sometime soon. I'm just thankful its going to be this year and not last. We had to use US Airways to go to and come back from Jamaica when we got married this past June. Overall, we had an "ok" experience with them. The last flight from Philly to Avoca was horrible though. I was wedged between 2 guys snoring loud enough to break the sound barrier and 2 screaming kids. To make matters worse, we were delayed because our plane was blocked in by some other planes. Then when we were getting ready for take off (finally) the pilot found a problem with the overhead speaker system/intercom, so we were delayed even longer. So the normal 1 hr or less flight from Philly to Avoca was more like a 3 hour ordeal. Then when we finally did get to Avoca, the landing was horrible. I thought I was going to have permanent whiplash or something. At any rate, god I was never so happy to see Scranton before in my life.

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By M Davies   /     Dec 29, 2004  /     Annoyances, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Why is it that we can turn Iraq into a parking lot and rebuild it from the ground up, spending millions upon billions of dollars, a war that we decided to start and fight pretty much on our own for god only knows what reason *breath*, but we can only give these nations effected by this tsunami 15 million. WTF is wrong w/ prez Bush and Congress?

/steps off soapbox now to get a few winks of sleep.

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Oh my god….

By M Davies   /     Dec 28, 2004  /     Community Service, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I utterly cannot believe the sheer disaster of this tsunami in Asia. I have been watching CNN on and off for the last 24 hours and I cannot believe the destruction that this tidal wave has caused. I guess having a baby now makes me feel a little differently toward these people. There are children that don't have parents and now parents that don't have children. I have no idea how that must feel nor do I ever want to know how that feels. I couldn't imagine having Gabby taken away from me. I plan to donate to some money to one of the relief organizations, I know money won't make it better, but hopefully it can be put to some good use, even if it feeds one person. I urge you (my readers, the few of you) to donate money as well. has setup this link that shows all of the organizations that are providing relief/help to the region. I hate to say this, but the amount of people that have died in this tragedy are about 6 times of that of 911. It is so hard to imagine that because the devastation of 911 was so great, I never thought that another disaster would ever come close to the loss and devastation of that, but it puts things into perspective. I know you really cannot compare the two disasters, but 22,000 dead is just insane. I am just amazed and speechless. The worst part of all of this is those people had no warning system in place. They had no idea this tidal wave was coming until they heard it, then they had roughly 5 minutes to escape. The thought that this may have been prevented is inconceivable. So in closing, please donate something (anything, even if a few dollars) to one of these organizations, you know the money will go to a good cause.

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What we got for xmas

By M Davies   /     Dec 26, 2004  /     Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Santa was especially good to ALL of us this year.

Santa brought me:

  • 2 new end tables
  • a camcorder
  • picture frames
  • clothes
  • gift certificates to the mall, ruby tuesdays and money
  • a necklace w/ gabby's birthstone in it (which happens to be the same as mine)
  • my brothers graduation picture in a frame (no he isn't conceited)
  • placemats
  • bath and body works stuff

Santa brought Rich:

  • an ipod
  • an isight
  • clothes
  • slippers that are 1 size too small 🙁 (sorry about that)
  • gift certificates to the mall
  • candy gallore
  • coffee gallore
  • a food processor
  • deodorant and cologne
  • a dvd player

Santa brought Gabby:

  • toys and rattles gallore
  • tons of clothes in all various sizes
  • a dvd of charlie brown cartoons (christmas, halloween and thanksgiving)

It doesn't look like a lot on paper, but stacked up in a living room it looks like a ton of crap. Everyone loved the presents that we got for them and we love the presents they got for us. We took Gabby out with us and she was a good lil baby the whole time. She mostly slept the entire time, but at the end she started getting fussy so we left. She slept from 10pm last night to 4am this morning. Not bad, but I think she gets collicky at night. The last two nights she has been screaming for hours straight until I found the "gas drops" and gave her some and then she seemed to quiet down.

Tonight we are supposed to get some snow…by some I mean 1 inch or less acccording to the weathermen. I am hoping that the storm gets a mind of his own and dumps 12 inches of snow on us. Snow would look really pretty right about now and it is so peaceful when its snowing. I would love some snow for a late xmas present or early birthday present.

Speaking of my birthday…its in 5 days (on New Years Eve). I told Rich the only thing I want for my birthday is to go out and have a nice dinner somewhere. I don't care where. I wonder if his mom would baby-sit. If she won't, my mom definately will. For my birthday, I'd also like some mall gift certificates or money because I don't think I'm going to fit in any of my old pants in time to go back to work. I am not supposed to do any exercises until I get the ok from the doctor the next time I visit which is Jan 13th. I have major thunder thighs and I don't think 1 month will be enough time to get them in shape. Well I'm going to relax now, Gabby is sleeping and I might take a short nap as well. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

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