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It was the best of times…It was the worst of times…

By M Davies   /     Nov 08, 2004  /     Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     1 Comment

My life seems like one huge rollercoaster ride right now. It has taken severe ups and downs and thrown me off balance. I'll have times of incredible misfortune, and then a moment later everything does a 360 and I'm back to normal.

Take for example last week, I was feeling pretty hopeless that the stuff in my living room would be there until Xmas time. We were waiting on the carpet to be installed in the Baby's room, and that wasn't going to be done until November 16th not leaving much time to get ready before my due date. I was pretty depressed about this. However, just for the hell of it, I tried to call the place we bought the rug from last week and explain my situation to them. They agreed to look for an opening for me if someone cancelled their appt. I wasn't expecting much, but they called Rich later that same day and said the rug could be installed Monday (which would be today). I am so excited now. They are coming this afternoon to get the rug installed. We are also having a piece of furniture (the changing table) delivered today as well. Once the carpet is installed we can start setting up the room. I am super psyched!!

The changing table is another situation I was pretty upset about. We ordered it from JC Penney's and because it is so large and heavy, it has to be delivered via truck. The trucking place only deivers from 10-2 Mon-Fri. Of course, Rich and I are in work during these hours so that pretty much screws our chances of having this thing delivered, right? The trucking place had no Saturday hours either. They said we could come and pick it up ourselves, but we have no idea how big this thing actually is and if it would fit in any of our vehicles, and it would also defeat the purpose of having to pay for shipping charges. Rich's Mom agreed to come down last Tuesday and wait for the trucking place. I was supposed to be their first drop off of the morning. They called me at exactly 10:02 to ask for directions. Of course, Rich's Mom wasn't there yet and no one feels comfortable listening to other people's answering machine messages, so I didn't get the message until about 11. By then it was too late. I tried to call the guy back and he wasn't answering his cell phone. I called the trucking place and they said they would re-attempt delivery at 4. Rich's Mom agreed to wait at my house until then. The trucking place had my work number and said they would call before delivery to verify I was home and to ask for directions if needed. I didn't get any call from them all day, around 4 I called the trucking place again and they said that they couldn't reach the delivery guy and he was on his way back anyway and asked if I wanted to reschedule delivery. I WAS PISSED needless to say, and so was Rich's Mom (1/2 of her day wasted waiting for these people). She wrote JCP a nasty gram and I tried to arrange for my Mom to come down on Friday to wait for the delivery. Luckily my Mom agreed to this. Then we received the call that the carpet would be installed Monday. Rich agreed to be home for that and we re-rescheduled the delivery for Monday PM. The driver now has Rich's cell phone # and hopefully everything will work out this time. I don't understand why a trucking company needs directions to my house. I would think that since the primary function of this place is making deliveries throughout the Wyoming Valley for many years that they'd have a pretty good idea of where everything is, and if they didn't they could at least resort to MAP QUEST!!! Hasn't anyone heard of that new fangled internet thing that's out there now. It's really helpful for researching things like this.

JC Penney's is on my hit list right now anyway because they fucked up my bedding order. I ordered all of the ducky bedding stuff for the baby's room from there. Make no mistake, I did wait a bit to order the stuff, but I put the order in on October 18th and the stuff still isn't here. Why, you ask? BECAUSE IT IS ALL ON BACK ORDER. Originally, the website said it would be in on October 27th, which wasn't too long of a wait from October 18th, so I placed the order. I checked the status everyday and little by little working up to the 27th each day there seemed to be a new item that arrived back in stock. The last time I checked the order, the only thing I was waiting for was a mobile. I called JCPenney's and asked them if they could ship all of the items except the mobile and they said no because they like to ship everything together which is stupid, but anyway….. Then I go to check my order on Friday again, and it now shows that everything that was available is now back on back order with a date of 12/1 (keeping in mind that my due date is 12/3). So I call JCPenney Customer Service and start FLIPPING on them. The rep that I talked to placed a request with their Customer Relations department to see what they could do. The customer relations department calls me and says I can cancel my current order then start 2 new orders so that I get most of my items then only have to wait for the mobile. I am throughly pissed off with JCP to say the least. Their customer service is horrible. I called them again on Friday to get a price estimate on another piece of baby furniture. I know what you are thinking…you are thinking I'm nuts because of all the shit I went through with them already why would I want to buy more stuff from them. Well unfortunately, the stuff all matches, so I don't have a choice. Otherwise I wouldn't ever step foot inside another JCP as long as I live. At any rate, theyw were trying to give me some BS about not being able to deliver it to the store when I know that a few weeks ago my Mom had the crib delivered to the JCP store in the mall and she went and picked it up, avoiding the shipping charges. I let them have it. The shipping cost by sending to the store is 18 dollars where as if you get it delivered to your house (AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT ASSHAT TRUCKING COMPANY) it would be upwards of 150. Its like they were purposely looking to rip me off. I am going to stop talking about JCP right now before I get more pissed off than I already am at them.

I had 2 interviews in the last 4 days. I had one on Friday and one today. One is for more money and one would be the same paygrade. I am hoping that I can at least get one of them, I need to start looking at ways to further my career and make more money so I can comfortably support Gabby once she gets here. I have another doctors appt today. After this appointment I start going every week to the gyno. Fun stuff. And I think every week its an internal exam, even more fun stuff. Well I have to run now, I don't want to be late for my appointment.

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