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By M Davies   /     Nov 25, 2004  /     Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /  

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! I was just thinking, we just got rid of the election commercials and signs and now are replacing them with Christmas commercials and decorations. I have already seen about 1000000 Black Friday commercials in the last 8-12 hours. I have to say though, the coolest one is the Target Wake-up Call, which appears to be totally legit. Check it out here.  I am not going Black Friday shopping, but if I was, I would definately be picking Ice T to give me my wake up call. Yes, unfortunately I do have to work on Friday. It is 2.5x the normal amount of pay. I will be getting roughly 32 bux an hour, which isn't bad, so I am not complaining. Neither of my current bosses will be there, so it will likely be a goof off day.

I am going to be moving some stuff down to my new cubicle on Friday (w/ the help of a co-worker). I have my desk 100% empty, with the exception of my essentials (computer, stapler, 3 tech support related binders, a phone book, and a pen). Now I just have to figure out what is going to happen to my computer and I'll be in good shape (they may make me forfeit it, which means I have the potential to lose 4+ years of data).

Friday we are also ordering out to Pizza Bella. We can also wear jeans. Again, the jeans thing is pretty irrelavant in my case, because I can no longer fit into any. Friday is going to be a great blow off day. I hope that no one calls in. Knowing my luck though, something major will go down and we will all be screwed taking call after call. I told the baby that I can't go into labor until after Friday. Anytime after that would be fine. I am not sure if she will cooperate with me or not. I'm going to clean now, since Rich's Mom isn't having dinner until 2pm. The nesting instinct is kicking in at full force.

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